*patch patch patch patch*

So apparently it’s 3.2 day. My deepery will be getting nerfed by a bit, and I DON’T CARE. Because it’s new Tauren cat form day, and that is possibly The Most Important Thing in WoW.

…look. I’ve been playing a feral druid since I played at ALL, starting about five months after the game rolled out. I thought Tauren cat form was awful then, and nothing has happened in the intervening four years except that I kinda got used to seeing it. It helps that you rarely see that topheavy asthmatic-monkey face from the front but…yeah. I keep expecting to faceplant mid-Feral Charge, dragged down by the weight of those gargantuan horns. And I’m an RP nerd, so it helps that Rashona’s model in my head has always been a Savannah Huntress with discreet little horns, but nothing will compare with getting that underpolyed abomination of a cat form off my screen. Rawr.


2 Responses to “*patch patch patch patch*”

  1. Sarai Says:

    But what color is she now? hehe

    My 5 druids (yes I’m an addict) have managed to be all different colors. I do have two black ones but one is tauren & one is Nelf, so I guess they count as seperate. /shrug

    /goes back too ooohing at new druid shapes

  2. Aggrobunny Says:

    when i saw your name i just had to click it \(^.^)/ i named my Troll Aggrobunny because male trolls make me think of rabbits, maybe its the big feet? I like your blog, well done 🙂

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