Accidental Efficiency

Following the advice of the nice-as-long-as-your-question-is-suitably-esoteric guys at Elitist Jerks, I’ve started stacking Armor Penetration on my gear. Tonight’s my first chance to see how well it works in a 25-man, but it seemed to function nicely in our 10 last night. When I had time to pay attention, in the midst of assorted mad scrambles for survival.

Because as it happens, the running joke in my raid is “it’s not a facepull, it’s accidental efficiency!”

Our ten-man took it to a new level last night, when we…um, kind of accidentally killed XT on Hard Mode.

It WAS an accident. Totally not my fault, and never mind the ferocious bite or the shredding or the berserk or the…um, anyway, I blame the mage. Because we’d been off for a couple of weeks, and as the health on the Deconstructor’s Heart dropped to 10K, this little voice in the back of my head started going “Wasn’t there something I was supposed to remember about this?”. And then at 5K this little voice on Vent (OK, it was our resto druid, and his voice is a perfectly reasonable level) started going “Um, GUYS…?”, and then the Heart went *splat!*, the raid leader started calling instructions, and I turned to my husband and announced, “We’re all gonna die.”

Cue kitty dropping every cooldown on the bar every time it came up. Berserk happened. Adds happened. “We’re all gonna DIE.”

Bombs happened. “We are ALL gonna die.”

Tantrums happened, and happened. “We’re all gonna- shit, he died.”

So, accidental hard-mode XT, one-shotted, without a single death on our part. Damn, I love my raid sometimes.

..we followed it up with an unintended triple trash pull going up to visit Hodir. Om nom Berserk/Swipe, is all I have to say. (Mostly because what I *actually* said would probably burn out my monitor screen if I posted it.)


2 Responses to “Accidental Efficiency”

  1. Itanya Blade Says:

    Me to kansin: “I was too busy hitting buttons and then the heart died. Oops”

  2. Sar Says:

    You need to post more, damn that is funny stuff. I haven’t laughed at a blog post that much in a LONG time.

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