Moo.  I mean, meow.

So yeah, I succumbed.  Because the WoW blogosphere really needs another feral druid blog, amirite?

And because occasionally I too feel the need to be opinionated as all hell about issues of vital importance such as the new druid forms (1. Yay!!!;  2.  Still yay, but WTF is with the nosering?  I kill things WITH MY FACE, I do not want a nosering getting in the way of this; 3. /target pink nelfkitty, /point, /laugh), the gathering coolness that is swift flight form (see node, get node, instacast and gone,) and my ongoing obsession with sneaking a Ferocious Bite in between the Rip/Savage Roar alternation (I can’t help it.  Seeing a big yellow 14000 flash up in my face makes me happy.  It’s good for morale or something).

(Also, I like parenthetical statements.)

The name is from way, way back in vanilla WoW when my husband der Panzercow and I would go kill stuff, either duoing our way through Silithus or raiding with the Anvil.  I got good at delivering damage but bad at managing aggro, and developed this wonderful Pavlovian tic where, when I heard “SWEETIE!” in a certain tone of voice, I would just hit Cower.  It still works.  “SWEETIE…” *Rashona presses the 8 key, remembers that it’s now Maim, and swears*  Somewhere along the line, I got tagged with “Aggrokitty”.

I have way too many alts, which I may or may not get into, but my main is Rashona, a Tauren druid on Feathermoon.  She’s been feral since day one, back when feral druids were useless for anything but solo grinding.  I enjoy druid healing, but a combination of RP and my own personal preferences mean that she’s spent a grand total of three hours (out of four years’ playtime) as resto. (When dual-specs were announced, I got lots of teasing about my plans to spec Rashona feral/feral.  In point of fact, I did.)  And I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise after four years, but all of a sudden people are asking me about how to play kitties.  So I figured I’d blog about it and see what happens.


6 Responses to “”

  1. Lewis Says:

    f1rst p0st!!


  2. Sarai Says:

    There can never be too many feral druid blogs. >.>

    Also, Rashona sounds like my Taurros. 😀


  3. Destron Allicant Says:

    Hey, good luck on the blog, and thanks for the link!

  4. Tigerfeet Says:

    While there’s a crap-ton of Druid blogs out there, very, VERY few are devoted to the fine art of ripping face.

    Welcome, fellow feral 🙂

    • aggrokitty Says:

      These days, it IS a fine art. DPS rotation makes my head hurt. (Mangle, Roar, Rake, more points, lotsa points, oh hell that debuff’s falling off, oh look gotta roar again…) Totally worth it, though, because I can make rogues CRY.

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